Sunday, 18 June 2017

Reducing plastic waste - 6 July 2017

Plastic Soup Foundation

Thursday 6 July, 7.30pm The Old Ship Richmond, 3 King Street, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1ND

In our July meeting we looked at the WI Resolutions which have been voted through at this year's AGM, and look at how we can take an active involvement in the campaigns.

We had hoped to have a colleague from the Plastic Soup Foundation
 join us via conference call from Amsterdam and talk to us about plastic microfiber pollution in our oceans, but sadly extreme weather didn't allow us this chance! We hope to welcome a colleague from the Foundation via conference call at another meeting soon. This informative and insightful talk was aimed to help us to think about our WI's contribution to the overall NFWI campaign to end plastic soup - one of the Resolutions passed in June.

Luckily one of our very own fabulous new members, Alison, stepped in and gave us a fantastic impromptu talk on how we can reduce our plastic usage in our daily lives. From using reusable shopping bags to taking our very own metal drinking straw out with us, there are lots of ways we can reduce the demand on this environmentally damaging product. Thank you, Alison.