Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Food - international food and a talk of mood & food - 5th May 2016

We will bring some international dishes to munch on and then we will have a talk from Kiran Ram:

EAT WITHOUT GUILT: Healthy Scrumptious Recipes Without Having to go on a Diet
In this engaging talk, you'll find out how you can eat without guilt. Kiran Ramwill share practical, no-nonsense tips where you don't have to spin round the diet cycles to look and feel your best.
In Eat Without Guilt you’ll learn:
o   Why you struggle to lose weight and keep it off.
o   Why you get the cravings and strategies to avoid falling prey to your cravings as pick me ups.
o   How to make delicious snacks using natural foods                                                                 
        Since proof of the pudding is in tasting, guests will enjoy samples of Kiran’s scrumptious easy to prepare snacks on the day.

Bio: Kiran Ram is Food Mood Expert and a nutrition coach supporting women to mend their broken hormones, moods and brain chemicals. Through her totally- addictive recipes, free guides, meal plans and on-demand classes, she's here to show you how to kick cravings, balance hormones, improve moods and lose weight-while making every step feel like a total guilty pleasure.
And when she's not teaching women how to drop the struggle and lose weight once and for all, you can find her painting her fingers green in the garden, travelling and working on her book project. 

Transform your cravings and moods for a life full of health, joy -achieve a life you dream of at www.kiranram.com